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    Lead:alliedrongda is one well—known and high-tech enterprise which integrates its research, …[more]
    Remote control wet spraying technique for making lining for furnace

    Blast furnace is a kind of melting equipment that stays in high temperature for a long time continuously. In the long-term operation, the inside lining can be eroded, peeled off or damaged easily, …[More]
      Abstract :[Technique summery Use] [Technique characteristic] [Construction Program ][Baker and furnace running]

    Logn-term Life Iron Trough

    new anti-explosion and fast-baking castable refractory is developed and applied for reconstructing the whole trough of a blast furnace 450M3 with single taphole, while the main trough is reconstructed as iron store structure. After 69 days of continuous using and iron pass …[more]     Abstract:A new anti-explosion and fast-baking [more]
        Key word:blast furnace trough single taphole refractory [more]
        Preface:The iron trough of modern large blast [more]

    About us

    Beijing Allied Rongda Engineering Material Co.,Ltd. is one well—known and high-tech enterprise which integrates its research, production, marketing, operating and management into a whole. As the most dynamic, strongest company, it also owns vast kinds of products and ability of undertaking the whole product line of metallurgic field.

    Beijing Allied Rongda Engineering Material Co.,Ltd. consists of a research institute ...more>>

    Refractory for Heating Furnace More>>
    [DS High-strength Low Cement Castable]

    Application:To apply in inner liner of heating furnace;To apply in casting or prefabricating of furnace wall, roof and floor, water pipes and furnace burner under fire environment, such as steel rolling soaking furnace and heating furnace, as well as application in industrial boiler body;To apply in lining casting of chemical equipment, such as ammonia synthetic ammonia primary …… [More]

    [FDS series of Steel Fiber Reinforced Castable]

    Application:To apply in parts of mechanical shock, vibration, wear, and positions of frequent rapid thermal cycling, such as: furnace under flame environment, i.e., doors, door frames and soaking furnace lid of steel rolling heating furnace etc;…… [More]

    [RA Series Of Ultra High Strength Low Cement Castable]

    Application:To apply in fire-resistant lining of various industrial kilns equipment, and parts used in harsh environment, demanding strength, and suffered erosion, and corrosion, such as: steel rolling under flame kiln environment;To apply in casting and …… [More]

    Iron Smelting More>>
    [Blast Furnace Trough Material Series]

    Application:To apply in main trough, slag separator, iron groove (earth furrow, tributary ditch), slag trough Castable for main trough of large blast furnace;RD-ZGT castable is used in the iron wire area of main trough; while RD-ZGZ castable is applied for slag line area of themain trough;Castable for main trough of medium blast furnace;RZ-ZGZ and RZ-ZGZF castables are …… [More]

    [Blast Furnace gunning Material]

    RCGN wet spraying castables--- used on the upper and middle part of furnace’s stack during hot spraying repair; RCGN wet spraying castables --- used on the under- part of furnace’s stack during hot spraying repair.Compared to dry spraying …… [More]

    Steel Smelting More>>
    [Unshaped Refractory for Electric Furnace]

    Application:RDG-1and RDG-2 are applied to ultra-high power electric furnace more than 70 tons;RDG-3 is used for high power electric furnace less than 30 to 70 tons;RDG-4 is adopted in general electric furnace less than 30 tons .Prefabricated molding, installed directly on site, and easy to use;Great integrity to avoid the adverse effects of cracks between the blocks…… [More]

    [Unshaped Refractory for Revolving Furnace]

    Application:Revolving Furnace Patching Material is mainly used for parts of revolving furnace bottom, iron accepting side and tapping side.Great organic combination: Good fluid performance, high adhesion and high strength;Erosion and oxidation resistance; Long service life; Great inorganic combination: Less volatile, non-irritating gas escape, and environmental protection;…… [More]

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    Iron runner
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    BF with single taphole into
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    BF with single taphole into
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    Long-term Life Iron Trough
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    Long-term Life Iron Trough
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